Welcome to Divine Massage & Sauna in Brazoria, TX

Divine Massage and Sauna is a Therapeutic Integrative Body to Spirit Wholeness Spa specializing in touch, energetic and detox therapies designed to restore body, mind and spirit wholeness.

We adults (and even some children) handle enormous amounts of daily stress, often at the expense of our own personal needs. Quietly we cope with pain, anxiety and dissatisfaction, ultimately not feeling much joy in our lives.

As these heavy career and family obligations continue, there is often a disconnect from our internal self healing mechanisms. We may find it difficult to even remember feeling at peace and in harmony with our true, natural state of relaxed vitality. Yes, that is your true, natural state!



To foster your own health and well being, it is crucially important to refocus yourself; to re-establish your connection with the earth and the peace of God. In this process you become uplifted and automatically bless those around you with your new relaxed, fully grounded, whole and balanced, peaceful countenance. . . . a gift to everyone.

At Divine Massage and Sauna it is our number one goal to honor the being that God Created and to help the client return to a state of wholeness again.

We offer:

  • Body and Facial Massage
  • Spa Packages
  • Release Pain Now thru Wellness Wave Therapy on the Wellness Pro Plus
  • IN Sacred Sound Sessions for Body to Soul Wholeness
  • Love of Life on Earth Sound Blessings
  • Vibro-Acoustic Sound Tables
  • 3-D Live Aura Scans and Reports
  • Infra-Red Soft Heat Sauna
  • Amethyst Biomat (Infra Red Heat)
  • Whole Body Vibration


 Check complete list of our Services. Visit the Resources page to learn more.